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There are a wide variety of courses at the University of Colorado at Boulder for students interested in remote sensing and earth and space sciences. Below is a brief list of specific courses offered at CU for students with an interest in remote sensing. Courses are offered from a number of different departments, from the aerospace engineering department to the atmospheric and oceanic sciences department. Visit the AES department website here for more information.

Course Title
ASEN 5337
Remote Sensing Data Analysis
ASEN 5168
Remote Sensing Instrumentation
ASEN 5245
Radar and Remote Sensing
ASEN 5090
Global Navigation Satellite Systems
ASEN 5335
Aerospace Environment
ATOC 5050
Introduction to Atmospheric Dynamics
ATOC 5060
Dynamics of the Atmosphere
ASEN 5235
Introduction to Atmospheric Radiation Transfer and Remote Sensing
ASTR 5140
Astrophysical and Space Plasmas
ASTR 5300
Introduction to Magnetospheres
ASEN 5050
Space Flight Dynamics
ASEN 5070
Statistical Orbit Determination
ASEN 6519
Lidar Remote Sensing
ASEN 6519
Upper Atmospheres
ECEN 5134
Electromagnetic Radiation and Antennas
ECEN 5254
Radar Remote Sensing
PHYS 7310
Electromagnetic Theory
ECEN 5612
Noise and Random Processes
ECEN 5632
Theory and Application of Digital Filtering
ECEN 5652
Detection and Extraction of Signals from Noise