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Welcome to CSML

Dedicated to study the fundamental mechanics of natural bodies, spacecraft, and debris within space environments throughout the solar system.

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Research Interests

  • Celestial Mechanics_projectExample
  • Celestial Mechanics

  • Astrodynamics_projectExample
  • Astrodynamics

  • Navigation, Orbit Determination and Control_projectExample
  • Navigation, Orbit Determination and Control

  • Planetary Science_projectExample
  • Planetary Science

  • Mission_projectExample
  • Mission

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Past and Present Research Funding and Collaborations

Selected Alumni Post Graduate Affiliations

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  • Who is CSML?

  • CSML is housed in the Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research, within the Smead Aerospace Engineering Sciences Department. CSML is PhD students, Research Scientists and Visiting Scholars from around the world, all led by Dr. Dan Scheeres. We have a diverse research focus and a lab culture that celebrates each other's success.

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