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Education & Development of Navigation Professionals

  • Short Courses
  • Worshops
  • Interaction with Industry & Government
  • Multidisciplinary Research
  • Access to Experts

How to Join

An industry can join the consortium as Basic Industrial Affiliate or Donor Industrial Affiliate or Patron Industrial Affiliate. The membership fee for the three categories is respectively, $30,000, $50,000 and $100,000 per year. A Basic Industrial Affiliate will be allowed to send two persons to the short courses and workshops organized by COUNT. A Donor Industrial Affiliate will be able to send four persons to the short courses and workshops; whereas, a Patron Industrial Affiliate will be able to send ten persons to the short courses and workshops. Some of the benefits of COUNT to Industrial Affiliates are listed below.

Benefits to Industrial Affiliates:

  • At least five half day short course every year from the leading experts in the areas of navigation, timekeeping, registration and geo-location.
  • Participate in annual workshops where the results of most research will be presented and discussed.
  • Access to well trained undergraduate and graduate students who would be their future employees.
  • Opportunity to discuss the technical problems and challenges with the leading experts as well as their peers.

Download an application form using one of the following links: