Personal and Projects Websites

Personal Website

As a CCAR user, you are allowed to have a personal website served off our main server.

YOU are personally responsible for all content displayed on your website!!

All html code, picture files, etc. are stored in your home directory so keep your quota in mind! (see the Personal accounts and quotas section)
You may create your website in any fashion (i.e. Frontpage, Dreamweaver, text based HTML, CSS, etc) but your main page file must be called "index.html" and it must be located in "/home/USERNAME/public_html". Once you have your page ready to display, contact CCAR support and we'll link your page to the web.

Project Website

If a specific project group needs to have a website linked to the main CCAR site, first send email to to let us know. We'll create the directory you'll need to store the website's html files and images. This directory will be located in:


The main file should be called "index.html" and the site will be live once the index.html file is in place.

For both personal and project websites, the URL will look like the examples below:
For project Arctic:
For Dr. Leben's personal page: