CU VPN Configuration

The information contained on this page is not a custom VPN setup for CCAR use only. This is the same VPN offered by OIT but the directions found here are more concise for users to follow.

If you are not part of CCAR, please consult with OIT and/or your Computer Support Representative to configure the VPN correctly. CCAR support cannot help anyone outside of Aerospace Engineering Sciences.

Let's all celebrate the decommission of the Juniper VPN!!

Here is the link that provides detailed directions on how to install the Cisco AnyConnect software for all platforms. Please refer to this page when following the directions below for your operating system.

Linux Directions:


If you want to use the Cisco AnyConnect software provided by OIT for Linux, go to the above link and follow the instructions listed for Linux. If you'd prefer to use the built-in Cisco software for Linux, follow the directions below.

Please note, this has only been tested on Ubuntu based distros and I have no idea how it will work on Redhat, Fedora, Gentoo, Suse, etc.

  • Install VPNC from the software manager
  • Get the CU Boulder shared secret HERE and save it for the step below.
  • Edit a file called /etc/vpnc/cuboulder.conf
    IPSec gateway
    IPSec ID cuboulder
    IPSec secret SECRET
    Xauth username IDENTIKEYUSERNAME
    Xauth password IDENTIKEYPASSWORD
  • sudo chown root.root /etc/vpnc/cuboulder.conf
  • sudo chmod 600 /etc/vpnc/cuboulder.conf
  • sudo dpkg-reconfigure resolvconf
    Make sure to answer YES to enable dynamic updates
  • reboot the system
  • Open a terminal window
  • To start the VPN:
    sudo vpnc cuboulder.conf
  • To stop the VPN
    sudo vpnc-disconnect
  • Mac OS X Directions


    You have two options for Mac OS X.
  • You can install the Cisco AnyConnect software for Mac found on the website listed at the top of this page.
  • You can use Mac OS X's built in Cisco IPSec program. Directions for this can be found HERE

    Windows Directions


    Follow the directions found HERE.

    They are actually written fairly well.