Travel Policies

Before you go...
  • Update your travel profile in the Concur system using the directions on the Expense System page. Step-by-Step for updating your profile can be found HERE
  • Fill out the SPA Travel Authorization form to the best of your abilities, sign form and return form prior to your travel. Docusign link to CCAR travel form can be found HERE
  • All airfare should be purchased through Concur or through CBT. Purchasing airfare on a personal credit card is only allowed provided you have obtained a comparison quote for the full cost of the airfare through Concur for domestic travel or through CBT for international travel prior to your trip.
    The comparison quote must be for the same dates and general timeframe as your quote for the internet airfare. If the total cost of the external site fare (including fees) is less than the Concur/CBT fare, you are allowed to purchase using a personal credit card. The comparison quote must be obtained prior to the actual purchase. See the policy HERE, Internet Airfares.
  • To book domestic flights, send preferred itinerary to Sarah or book through Concur. Step-by-Step on how to book domestic flights can be found HERE
  • For international flights, travel requires pre-approval and an international travel request must be approved before CBT will book flights. International travel cannot be booked through Concur. Step-by-Step for requesting international travel can be found HERE
  • Travelers should ask Sarah for relevant information about their destination, including per diem rates.
While you are there...
  • Keep itemized receipts & proof of payment for all single item charges over $25 (except for meals); and for all rental car gas purchases and official function meals regardless of dollar amount.
  • If driving a personal vehicle, the traveler should keep track of the mileage driven.
  • Conference attendees should retain the conference schedule in order to document whether or not meals were provided.
When you get back...
  • Contact Sarah to request reimbursement for eligible expenses.
  • Provide all required receipts, conference schedule, forms, and other needed documents.
  • To avoid IRS implications, the Travel Office must receive the expense report within 60 days of trip end.