Research Faculty

Research Associates

Sandra Castro Sandra Castro
Office: ECNT 222
Phone: (303) 492-1241
Research Interests
Remotely sensed sea surface temperatures and air sea interaction
James Choe James Choe
Office: ECNT 414
Phone: (303) 492-4829
Research Interests
Global mean sea level estimation
GRACE temporal gravity solutions analysis
Kate Davis Kate Davis
Research Interests
The three-body problem
Interplanetary trajectory design
Dynamical systems theory
Dallas Masters Dallas Masters
Office:ECNT 414
Phone: (720) 235-8643
Research Interests
Sea Level Change
Earth Remote Sensing
GNSS Systems
Bistatic Radar Remote Sensing
Paul Sanchez Paul Sanchez-Lana
Office: ECEE 166
Phone: (303) 492-7826
Research Interests
Granular flows in asteroids
Pattern formation in granular media
Grain-fluid interaction in granular media
Avalanche formation
Ann Shipley Ann Shipley
Office: DLC 165
Phone: (303) 492-5860
Research Interests
Search for Earth-like Planets
Instruments for Rockets and Balloons
Science Instrument Development
Spaceflight Opto-mechanical Systems
Nagaraj Channarayapatna Shivaramaiah Nagaraj Channarayapatna Shivaramaiah
Office: DLC 211
Research Interests
GNSS Receivers
FPGA-SoC System Design
Signal Processing for Navigation
Alternative Positioning and Navigation
Mark Tschudi Mark Tschudi
Office: ECES 1B25C
Phone: (303) 492-8274
Research Interests
Satellite and airborne remote sensing of Arctic sea ice
Sea ice surface evolution during summer melt
Trends in Arctic sea ice extent and volume
DaeHee Won DaeHee Won
Office: DLC 211
Research Interests
Multiple sensor integration (GPS, INS, Vision, etc.)
Vision based navigation system
Nonlinear estimation (EKF, UKF and Particle filter)
GPS precise positioning (DGPS, RTK)
Ben Zeiger Ben Zeiger
Office: DLC 165
Phone: (303) 492-1332
Research Interests
Telescope optics
X-ray astrophysics
Li-ion battery systems

Professional Research Assistants

Daniel Baldwin Daniel Baldwin
Research Interests
Remote sensing applications
Satellite data georeferencing
Super resolution
Sea surface temperature analysis
Steven Hart Steven Hart
IT Systems Administrator
Office: ECNT 322
Phone: (303) 492-8109
Network FAQ
IT Support Topics
RedHat Enterprise Linux
Mac OS X
Microsoft Windows
All other various IT aspects
Liam Kilcommons Liam Kilcommons
Office: ECNT 226
Research Interests
Space Weather
Sun-Earth System Science
Satellite Data Products and Standards
Gabriel LoDolce Gabriel LoDolce
Office: DLC 205
Research Interests
Embedded systems, remote sensing, satellite oceanography