Remote access via SSH

NOTE: Remote access to all CCAR systems requires the use of the CU-VPN client.

Connecting from a Linux Computer

As long as you have an account with CCAR, you'll be able to SSH to any Linux computer on our network. From any Linux or Unix computer (anywhere in the world) just type:

ssh -l USERNAME -X
  • The "-l" stands for loginname (i.e. username)
  • The "-X" stands for X11 forwarding.
    This allows you to run graphical programs and have the display forwarded to the computer you are working on. (i.e. the monitor in front of you)
  • All SSH connections from outside the University should go through any of the common use Linux computers.
    (Please see the Common Use Linux and Windows computers page for the current list of common use systems)

Connecting from a Mac Computer

If you are connecting from a Mac running OSX, you should have X11 installed on your Mac and use the X11 terminal window. The regular Mac terminal window will also work. Just use the above ssh command substituting "-Y" instead of "-X" and X11 forwarding should work.

Connecting from a Windows Computer

For any Windows home user that needs to ssh onto any CCAR Linux machine we recommend using the following.

Download the following directly to your desktop:

This is just an ssh client for windows, it does do X11 forwarding but you need to configure it to do so. For X11 forwarding to your home Windows machine, you'll also have to install a program called Cygwin. Warning!!! Cygwin is hard to install and confusing to use. Proceed with it at your own risk.