Projects Related Information

Projects directories

Projects directories are large storage areas for data analysis. These directories are stored on the main CCAR RAID. These directories are also mounted to any Linux machine the user chooses to log onto.

There are not specific quotas set on projects directories. This is not an invitation to load up a specific project directory with as much data as possible! Here's the rule of thumb for using space on projects. If the total project directory size is under 500 Gigabytes, you are free to proceed and enjoy. If over 500 Gigabytes, I want to know how much room you need before you load the data. This helps me manage the projects space so it's fair to all CCAR users.

Mounting Projects to Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux based OS's

As part of an effort to make working with projects data easier, CCAR users can directly mount the projects directories to your Windows, Mac, or privately run systems. The mount will only work with the following restrictions:

  • From on campus, you must be on the CCAR network or UCB Wireless
  • From off campus, you must use the CU VPN before mounting the directories
  • You must have a valid Identikey username and password and account on the main CCAR server

  • Windows 7, 8, 10

    1. Double click on "Computer" and then select "Map a Network drive" along the top of the window
    2. Select a drive letter to assign the mount to.
    3. Under "Folder", enter the following line


    where DIRNAME is the name of your projects directory

    4. Make sure "Reconnect at login" is checked
    5. Click finish
    6. A new small window will open asking for a username and password. This is your identikey username and password but when you write your username, you must write it as follows:


    Also, make sure you check the box so that windows remembers your credentials.
    You should now see the project mounted under the Network Location section.

    Mac OS X

    1. Click on your finder and then select: Go -> Connect to Server
    2. Under server address, use the following:


    where DIRNAME is the name of your projects directory

    Now click the "+" to add it to your favorite servers

    3. Click the connect button
    4. Make sure "Registered User" is selected and enter your Identikey username and password normally.
    Also check the box to remember your password.

    You should now see a new window open showing your projects directory.

    Important note:
    In the finder window, you will see a listing for "" under the Devices heading. Please do not click on this link. If you do, you will see listings for directories that you did not mount and you may get confused as to where you are navigating to. If you want to download files to the specific project you mounted or open a new finder to the specific projects you mounted, then simply use a new Finder window and select Go -> Computer. You should see a shared network drive for the project you specifically mounted.

    Linux based OS's

    First make sure you have the cifs-utils package installed.

    Now create a file in your home directory called /home/username/.smbcredentials


    Now set the permissions on the file: chmod 0600 ~/.smbcredentials

    example CIFS mount in /etc/fstab: (please note, this is all one line)

    // /mnt/PROJECTNAME cifs credentials=/home/username/.smbcredentials,uid=UID,gid=GID,rw,workgroup=AD,nounix,iocharset=utf8,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777 sec=ntlm 0 0

    Where UID is your UID on the ccar systems
    Where GID is the GID for the specific project on the CCAR systems