Most printing at CCAR is done through our print server.
All CCAR Linux machines are set to automatically see all printers connected to the print server. For Windows and Mac users, you'll need to have drivers installed in a very specific way. Please see the sections below on how to install and configure the main CCAR printers.

Available CCAR Printers

  • Lexmark CS510de Color Laser printer:
    B&W or Color, duplex.
    Location: ECNT 3rd floor copy area.
  • Konica Minolta Bizhub 601 Photocopier
    B&W Only, duplex.
    Location: ECNT 3rd floor copy area.

Setting up the printers for Windows and Mac users

Please contact CCAR Support for directions on how to setup the main printer on your system.

Poster Printing available at ITL

ITLL (Integrated Teaching and Learning) has a Canon W8400 large-format color printer that is available for use by UCB engineering students, staff and faculty for printing items such as posters, CAD drawings or other coursework.

For more information please visit:
ITLL Printing Services

Printing tips

  1. For all users:
    Please print in B&W and duplex to save on paper and toner. These things are expensive to replace. Obviously, if you need a color printout, use the color. Or if you need the document to be single sided, print it single sided. There are many printouts that can be done in B&W and duplex so please try to do that if possible.
  2. For Windows users:
    All options for each printer can be found in the printer properties. From the properties window, you can change almost any aspect of the printer including layout, duplexing, color or B&W, etc.....
    If an option does not appear in the printer properties window then the printer does not have the particular capabilities you are trying to modify.
  3. For Macintosh OS X users:
    All options for each printer can be found in system preferences -> Print and Fax. Click on the printer, then click on the lock in the lower left to unlock changes. Now click on printer setup and all the options should be available.

Do's and Don'ts

  • NO transparencies on any CCAR printer.
  • If you need to print to paper sizes other than letter, come see CCAR Support BEFORE you print. CS510 will reject print jobs that use sizes other than letter.
  • If you don't need something printed out, DON'T print it! Seems like common sense but there is a stack of unclaimed printouts that says this is not.