Office Equipment

Main Copier

To Scan documents to USB device
1. Insert USB device into copy machine. There is a small door on front of machine that drops down to reveal USB port.
2. Once the machine recognizes the USB device, you will see an external memory screen pop up, press OK.
3. Press the USER BOX key on the copy machine.
4. Press SAVE DOCUMENT on the touch screen.
5. Press the EXTERNAL MEMORY box on the touch screen.
6. Press OK
7. At this point you can either use the touch screen to change the name of the document or you can press start to use the machine assigned name.
8. Your document has now been scanned to your USB device. Either scan another document or remove USB.

These directions are for a single sided, pdf document. There are other options that you can choose once you are in the USER BOX mode (double sided, TIFF, etc.). If you need assistance with these other options, please let Sarah know.