GRA Policies

Appointment Dates:
Fall - September 1 through December 31
Spring - January 1 through May 31
Summer - June 1 through August 31
Please note that these dates do not follow the academic year.

Appointment percentage:
The university limits GRA AY appointments to 50% (20 hours/wk) and 100% (40 hours/wk) during the summer. Appointment percentages vary by project, supervisor and are often constrained by budget limitations. A GRA can hold no less than a 15% appointment to receive tuition remission and the number of credits included in the tuition remission is pro-rated based on the appointment percentage (see table below). Any appointment in addition to a 50% GRA needs prior approval by the Graduate School.

Appt hours / week Percent time FTE Tuition credit
2050.00%0.409 - 18
1845.00%0.369 - 18

The current 50% pre-comp monthly stipend is $2325.
The current 50% post-comp monthly stipend is $2425.

Tuition remission covers tuition and 70% of the Gold Comprehensive Insurance Plan. It is the GRAs responsibility to pay the remainder of the insurance and all mandatory fees. Some fellowships do allow for the payment of fees but department appointments do not.

Leave time:
GRAs do not accumulate sick or vacation time through their appointment. The appointment follows the University holiday schedule and not the class schedule. For example, the University is only closed the Friday of spring break. There is not a policy within CCAR as to what happens if a student wants to takes sick or vacation days, this policy needs to be set by the supervisor. If a student will be away from their position for an extended period of time, the supervisor does have the option to put the position on ashort work break, without pay. This doesn't happen often, but it is an option.

There are Grad Student mailboxes in the CCAR copy room. Any mail that comes into CCAR for a GRA is sorted by last name and placed into the boxes. You are not notified of any mail that comes in. The boxes are cleaned out once a semester and any abandoned mail will be thrown away.

As many of you have noticed, Facilities Management is no longer picking up trash from offices. We now have to empty our own trashcans into the big bins at the end of the hall. They will continue to empty the large bins weekly. This has not affected recycling, thus far.

If you have any further questions or require further clarification, please contact Sarah Melssen.