General Systems Information

This section is for general information regarding CCAR System Administration, software & hardware availability, as well as cautions/warnings for all CCAR users.

1. The CU Site license for Matlab must be renewed every January by the CCAR Systems Administrator. Users must bring your systems to the Support office (ECNT 328) to get the license renewed.

2. If you need the new version installed, please note that it takes about 15-20 minutes to install Matlab on Mac or Linux, and anywhere from 30-60 minutes on windows. Please do not show up after 4pm on any given day and expect us to install Matlab on your Windows computer.

3. When printing, please ask yourselves these questions before sending the job.
  • Do I need a hardcopy of this document?
  • Does this need to be in color?
  • Does this need to be one sided?
  • Can I fit multiple pages per sheet?
It seems like common sense but we have a stack of unclaimed printouts next to the printer and we burn through alot of expensive toner.

4. Viewing CAETE courses online via the CCAR Linux systems.
The exisiting Firefox and Flash installs present on all CCAR Linux systems will work. All you need to do is to download Moonlight from the following URL:

Just install the add-on and restart Firefox. Please note, there are two sample CAETE videos located here:

The Tegrity type videos will not work but any videos made in Echo360 should play normally.