Expense System

To Log in to the Expense System

1. To access the myCU portal, open your web browser and go to https://portal.prod.cu.edu/MyCUInfoFedAuthLogin.html.
2. In the LOGIN page, select your campus from the dropdown list and enter your Identikey login.
3. Click Login.

To Access the Expense System

1. After logging into the myCUInfo portal, select the CU Resources tab.
2. Click Concur Travel & Expense System.

To update your profile

1. From the home page of the Concur Travel & Expense System, click Profile along the top of your screen
2. Select Personal Information.

You are required to update/verify 5 fields

1. Your Name - Verify that your name is correct, including your Middle Name and Suffix. This should match the government-issued photo ID you will present to airport security.
2. Your Employee ID and Manager - Verify that your Employee ID and Manager fields are correct. These fields are auto-fed from the HRMS system and cannot be updated in the Concur Profile screen.
3. Contact Phone Number and E-Mail Address - In the CONTACT INFORMATION section, enter a work or home contact number and verify that your email address is correct as listed under E-Mail 1. Your default email address is auto- fed from the HRMS system and cannot be updated in the Concur Profile screen.
4. Gender - In the TSA SECUREFLIGHT section (towards the bottom of the list), select your gender.
5. Date of Birth - Also in the TSA SECURE FLIGHT section, enter your date of birth.
Completion of the rest of your Concur Profile is optional, but is recommended to enhance your travel experience. You can select to add your travel preferences (including frequent flyer, hotel loyalty, and car rental rewards programs), provide more detailed contact information, enter your University of Colorado Travel Card information, and assign a Travel Arranger(s) who can assist you with booking your travel.

To Add a Delegate

1. To add a delegate, click Profile from the Expense System home page.
2. Click Expense Delegates.
3. Click Add Delegate.
4. Search for the employee you wish to add as your delegate. You can search by employee name or email address.
5. Select the correct name from the search box.
6. Click Add.
7. Check the Can Prepare checkbox.
8. The Can View Receipts checkbox will automatically appear checked. This gives your delegate the ability to view receipt images.
Note: If you would like your delegate to receive Expense System emails regarding your Expense System tasks (such as status changes, reminder emails, etc.), also check the Receives Emails checkbox.
9. Click Save.
10. You will receive a pop-up message confirming your delegate has been saved.
You have now added a delegate to prepare on your behalf.

To Certify and Submit an Expense Report

1. Login to the system using the directions above.
2. Scroll down until you see your Active Work box, click on the appropriate report. In the report, click Submit Report (upper right).
3. The Expense List page of the expense report will appear. Review the details entered for each transaction.
4. Click Submit Report (upper right corner of screen).
5. When the Final Review window appears, click Accept and Submit.
6. If the approval flow window appears, click Submit Report.
7. When you see the Report Submit Status, click Close