Common Linux fixes

This page is designed to help the user fix some common linux problems themselves so that you can get back to work ASAP. We'll be adding new info to this page from time to time.

Complete System Lockup

So everything appears to be working correctly then out of the blue, the desktop, mouse, everything freezes. Complete lockup. What should you do?


What should you NOT do?
  • restart the computer
  • turn off the computer
  • continuously press mouse or keyboard buttons
  • try to open new applications.
99% of the time, when the Linux systems do this it means one thing....The server went down.
All you need to do is sit there and wait for it to unfreeze. The second the server is back up, all Linux machines will resume right where they left off. If you went and pushed alot of buttons while the system was frozen, it will perform all those requests right when it unfreezes. This could cause the desktop to crash and your current working data to be lost!
If your system locks up, look at another Linux system. If that one is locked up too then the server is down. Give us a call and let us know (most likely we already do but it's better to tell us anyway). If the other Linux system is running normally, then your system has issues. Let us know so we can fix it.
We'll inform users when we schedule a server shutdown and/or reboot but many times when there is something wrong and we need to reboot the server, there is no time to send out an email.

Errors while SSHing to other Linux Computers

The error itself looks like this:

To fix the error:
Using whatever editor you like (vi, emacs, text editor, etc) open this file:


Now delete every line that starts with the computer name you were trying to SSH to (there could be more than one). Once you delete those lines, save and close the file and try again. You'll see another message come up that looks like the following:

Just type "yes" and hit enter. It should work fine from then on.