CCAR Backup Schedule

CCAR Support regularly backs up all home directories and select projects directories (see below).
NOTE: Home and project directories are currently backed up, not archived!
Backup = temporary copy of data files, will be overwritten on next backup cycle
Archive = data is stored on tape and not copied over

Home directories

Home directories are fully backed up to our storage RAID once a week. Every night a differential backup is run on all home directories that will backup only those files and folders that have been changed since the last full backup.
Should you erase a file, directory, or the entire home directory (it has happened!), we can restore those files from the previous nights backup. You must tell us ASAP if you erase a file by mistake so we can restore it. If you create and erase a file by mistake on the same day, there is no way to restore it.

Project directories

If you wish to have any data in your project drive backed up, you can follow these directions:
  • cd to your project directory
  • Create a file in the root of your project drive called ".backup"
    (that initial period is supposed to be there!!)
    example: /projects/support/.backup
  • List directories or files you want backed up 1 per line. It is possible to use shell wildcards.
    NOTE: Don't put a lone * in your .backup file, it will not work!
    This is an example from /projects/support/.backup:

    Remember: " *.txt " is good, " * " is not good
  • The projects backup will be run on the following schedule:
    Full backups each month
    Differential backups each week

    Currently the project directories consume over 9 TB of data. So please be choosy about what you backup.
    Do NOT back up any data that can be archived or recreated. If you want to keep archives come see us and we'll work something out for you using alternate hard drive space. This backup is NOT meant to be an archive, but merely a way to recover quickly in case of a catastrophe. We will be monitoring the size of the backups to try to keep disk space usage fair.

    Good choices of things to be backed up:
    -C/Fortran source code (header files, c files)
    -web site files
    -Any kind of script (shell script, perl, python, matlab, IDL, etc..)
    -Configuration files
    -Anything else that can't be recreated.
    Bad choices of things to back up:
    -Compiled programs
    -Data that can be recreated
    -Any file that is extremely HUGE
    -Files from your home directories.

You are responsible for taking advantage of this script. We are not responsible for lost data if you decide not to audit your project to see what kinds of files you want backed up.

Select Windows and Apple computer backups

We have the capability to backup select Windows and Apple computers to our storage drive. Once configured, these computers will be backed up fully once a week to the storage drive, and differential backups will run daily.
If you have a mac or a Windows machine that is not configured for backups, you need to get in touch with CCAR support if you want backups. Depending on the size of the backups required, we may require you to provide your own backup media (External disk drive).