Personal Accounts and Quotas

User passwords

All CCAR passwords now use the standard University of Colorado Identikey username and passwords. To change your Identikey password, please visit the following website.

All changes to passwords are immediate and will automatically propagate to all CCAR Linux systems.
All Identikey password are to remain private!
Please do not share your Identikey username and password with anyone!

Home directories

Every CCAR user has a personal home directory to store his/her personal files and folders. Home directories are not for storage of large datasets. That is what the /projects directories are for. Home directories are physically located on the main CCAR server and are mounted to any Linux machine the user chooses to log onto.

Quotas are imposed on the home directories as follows:

Soft quota = 10GB
When you hit the soft quota, you'll receive an automated email letting you know that you are over quota. It is your responsibility to remove old files, or compress large files so that you remain under the soft quota. You'll have a one week grace period to get your account below the soft quota before the system locks you out. If this happens, come see us and we'll help you sort it out.

Hard quota = 11GB
When you hit the hard quota, bad things start to happen. You will be automatically locked out of your account and/or your account will become non-responsive. Either way, you'll have to come see us to straighten out the problem