Project Geryon Software

While we do use external software such as LTool or GEONS, the majority of the numerical analysis at Project Geryon is performed using our own software coded in MATLAB and C/C++.

This software performs a variety of functions such as:

  • Analytical Generation of Lissajous and Halo Orbits
  • Numerical Generation of Halo Orbits
  • Differential Correction of Lissajous and Quasi-periodic Orbits
  • Periodic Orbit Searches
  • Computation of Stable/Unstable Invariant Manifolds
  • Stationkeeping Maneuver Budget Analysis
  • Generation of Lunar Frozen Orbits
  • Efficient Orbit Propagation
  • JPL DE403/405 Ephemeris Interpolation
  • Autonomous Orbit Determination using Crosslinks

  • TurboProp A set of MEX orbit integrators called TurboProp is available for Project Geryon researchers. TurboProp propagates precise orbital trajectories in MATLAB and Python, but with the speed of C code. As of 26 May 2009, Version 4.0 has been released. It has the capability to propagate precise Earth orbits. The User Manual can be found here. Contact Brandon Jones for more information.
    (Image credit NASA Glenn)