Halo-to-Halo Transfers

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In addition to descending down to the Moon, it should be possible to transfer for very little ΔV to other halo orbits. This picture shows how a spacecraft at L2 could transfer to a halo orbit at L1. For this to work, both halo orbits must have the same energy (in terms of the Jacobi Constant).
This animation shows an example of the implementation of low-energy transfers. Viewed from above, there are three spacecraft at L1 (red sphere at left) and three at L2 (red sphere at right) in a constellation around the Moon (gray sphere at center). If, for some reason, more coverage was needed at L2, two of the spacecraft at L1 could follow a low-energy transfer to L2, and then later transfer back. These transfers would take on the order of a few weeks to perform, and this particular example shows a planar (2D) trajectory that would require less than 1 m/s ΔV. Research is currently being conducted at Project Geryon to find similar 3D halo-to-halo transfers.

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