W. Coast RT Data

E. Coast RT Data

Near-Realtime Altimetry Data


In addition to providing MCC-derived surface currents, we also display near-realtime altimetry-derived surface currents on our weekly composites as a supplementary data set to provide velocity estimates where MCC velocities don't exist. The altimetry surface currents are derived from absolute dynamic topography fields, and represent the total surface geostrophic flow. The altimeter product is produced by Ssalto/Duacs and distributed by Aviso, with support from CNES. Documentation for the altimeter data product can be found on the AVISO website, specifically in the  Ssalto/Duacs User Handbook : (M)SLA and (M)ADT Near-Real Time and Delayed Time Products. Delivery of the altimeter data product is delayed by one week relative to the satellite-data acquisition time, and therefore, these surface velocities are only provided for weekly composites older than 7 days.

*Data files containing location and velocity information are not provided for the altimeter data product. This product is used for display purposes only.