Lunar Halo Orbits
Space Flight Dynamics
ASEN 5050 Final Project
University of Colorado at Boulder

Title: Lunar Halo Orbits
Author: Kevin Dinkel
Created: December 2012


The Circular Restricted Three-Body Problem (CRTBP) has been examined for hundreds of years. A unique aspect of the three body system is the occurrence of libration points and their associated orbits. One important libration point orbit is the periodic “halo” orbit, which could provide a valuable trajectory for future communication satellites in the Earth-Moon system. Although the orbit is periodic, it is dynamically unstable. This means that the resulting trajectory is highly dependent on the selection of the orbit injection conditions. Finding these sensitive initial conditions can be done using the “single shooting algorithm”, developed by K. C. Howell. This project presents the theory behind and motivation for periodic libration point orbits in the Earth-Moon CRTBP. Moreover, the use of the single shooting method is analyzed for halo orbit injections as an extension to the formation of lunar halo orbits.