GSWM:   Global Scale Wave Model
Global Scale Wave Model is a Numerical Model of Planetary Waves and Solar Tides in the Earth's Atmosphere from 0 - ~125 km developed at HAO (High Altitude Observatory), NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research ) by Dr. Marua Hagan. GSWM solves for non-migrating or migrating waves with 2-dimensonal, linearized, steady-state assumptions. Components of the model made available here include the followings:

    independent variables:  height, latitude, longitude, month

    dependent variables:  temperature, eastward wind, northward wind

    dynamical components:  Zonal mean, diurnal amplitude and phase, semidiurnal amplitude and phase

Both migrating (sun-synchronous) and nonmigrating (longitude-dependent) tidal components are included (S=-6 to 6). From this web site, tables or plots of the above dynamical components can be obtained as functions of any of the independent variables.

For more information, please check GSWM references and preprints[1] & [2] for GSWM-09.

The GSWM results are made available here for the benefit of the scientific community. However, many aspects of these results have not been published. If users are planning to use GSWM results in a publication or presentation, they are kindly requested to contact Dr. Maura Hagan (Hagan at and discuss with her opportunities for collaboration and co-authorship.

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April Migrating Diuranl Temperature, Click to Animate